Why We Need Test Case Management Tools?

“Test” is one of the most important phases of SDLC. In this phase, we manage the verification and validation processes of our project. As in other phases, it is necessary to proceed within a certain plan and discipline. One of the building blocks of the testing process is the test cases where we detail the scenarios we will run. As the number of test cases increases, so does the effort to manage them. The right test scenario adds value and efficiency to the process. In this context, there are many ways to manage our test cases for ourselves or our team. Now, we will mention the points to be considered while answering the question of why we need test case management tools.

Traceability; In general, the most important point of the quality process! Regardless, we cannot expect work that cannot be followed, to be understood correctly, and to undergo correct operations within the team. The answers to the questions such as which tests are prepared for which needs, which ones are run, and which are Bug/Defect can be found with traceability. We cannot manage what we cannot follow.

History; It is vital to be able to keep track of our test cases with their chronological history, responsible people and priorities. Questions such as who prepared it, who trained it, when, how many times can be answered in this way.

Partitioning; It may be necessary to test many things. Complexities between organizations cost a lot of effort or a huge waste of time. Dividing our test cases on a project basis will be very useful for us to reach our cases and see what we are doing for the project

Role Management; Responsibilities, roles and management; Perhaps the most necessary and clearest part of the organization. In test case management tools, on the other hand, you can assign responsibility for your cases and ensure that only a part of the team has access.

 Team synchronization; is a situation that must happen for the organization to progress. Who is responsible for which test case in your team, who will run the cases when, the team’s understanding of each other’s movements and showing this situation clearly; management, traceability and it is an issue that needs to be addressed for projects to progress.

Test case management tools will make things easier for you by hosting these basic headings. Apart from these basic titles; Choosing tools that are easy to manage and usable can also be much better for you in terms of time and clarity. Well, when I think about these if you say which test case management tool should I choose; TestPine is here for you!