Why Testing?


Why Testing?

Testing is a critical process of the software product delivery cycle. It has a vital role in the Validation and Verification of meeting product requirements.
A successful Test implementation(STLC) depends on several factors. Test Case Designing, Traceability and Coverage are significant parts of Test Management.


Why Automation?

Test Automation is a technique to execute test cases automatically by specific scripts/tools/apps. The primary purpose of automation is to reduce the time & cost of products’ delivery and increase the stability & reliability of the product.


Why No Code?

Test Automation is critical but why not performed by every team? Due to the technical challenges of Automation, you need diverse technical skills and expertise.
No Code concept eliminates that requirement.
Testpine provides E2E Test Automation service that includes a ready-to-use scriptless editor, Device Farm(Cross-Browser, Cross-Device), Scheduled Running and Reporting.