What Is The Requirement? Why Is It Important?

Requirement is the need to be done in a project. In terms of testing, we can say the source of our tests. In this document, we can determine what will be done during the testing and product process, the customer’s wishes, risks and the importance levels of the actions to be taken. We determine what will be tested, in which environment, which priority will be carried out. In short, there should be a document in which the planned operation is explained with all the demand, situation and risk details.

It is very critical for the success of the project that the requirement analysis has a structure that clarifies customer and developer requests and plans. The most important criterias of this analysis are; can be documented, actioned, tested and traceable. In addition, the determined requirements should be directly related to the determined/desired business needs and should be sufficiently detailed for system design. Requirement analysis should be created in line with the needs of the product. The correct progress of the process will directly affect the testing or delivery of the product as requested and/or expected.

It is a great advantage to prevent changes, objections and disputes that may occur in the future with a Requirement Document, which we understand and document customer demands from the very beginning.. Therefore, the requesting party and the requested party must understand this document correctly. This explains why we need to make the Requirements document sufficiently detailed and clear.

How does this process work?

With the feasibility study; The customer gives a rough idea of ​​what functions need to be improved and what features are expected to develop the desired product. By referring to this information in the analysis, a detailed study is made about whether it is appropriate to develop the desired system and its functionality. After the two parties come to an agreement with the necessary and sufficient negotiations, the Requirement Document is started to be created.In this document, user requirements are expressed in natural language. technical requirements are expressed in the structured technical language used within the organization. The most important point at the last stage of the requirement document is the acceptance of both parties. At this point, all disputes and ambiguities must be resolved.

So what should be in the requirement document? There are no documents or obligations, but some things are indispensable to us. In order to be able to associate and track other parts that will progress depending on the traceability and requirements, there must first be a Requirement name and ID. Requesting and responsible persons should be disclosed in the document and potential risks should be documented. In our opinion, it is important to specify the alternative flow as well as how the char flow will be. It is also useful to indicate the priority status. At Testpine, you can access the Requirement module we have created with care for you and your business, create this document in the fastest and easiest way and start writing your test scenarios based on this module!